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About RFI Solar

For more than three decades RFI has been Australia's leading distributor of renewable energy products, as well as representing major companies in the DC and AC power markets. RFI also supports clients throughout Australia with the Power Partner dealer program - the largest dealer network of its kind in the Australian renewable energy market. RFI offers solar power products from an extensive range of world-class manufacturers.

These products include:

  • Grid interactive inverters and systems
  • Stand-alone inverters and systems
  • Solar modules from 2W to 260W
  • Solar regulators
  • Deep-cycle solar batteries
  • Mounting hardware

Why buy from RFI?

Experience - combined, our team has over 200 years of experience in the local PV solar energy industry.

Distribution - RFI doesn’t retail their product, that’s our customer’s business! What we do is provide a wholesale service and unmatched support.

Support - from technical advice, industry knowledge, lead generation and marketing support, RFI has got you covered.

Price - competitive pricing on the industry’s best brands.

Availability - largest stockholdings of modules in the country, supported with state of the art IT and logistics resources to get goods delivered in full and on time!

Australian - RFI is an Australian company employing 170 local staff to support local customers.

RFI can also offer complete solar power solutions that integrate with building designs for residential, commercial and industrial projects. These solutions can be developed with our ready to order on-grid kits or customised to the specific project utilising various building integrated solar modules.

Our range of products covers all aspects of solar electricity from single solar modules and balance of system components to fully optioned on-grid or off-grid packages. RFI have formed partnerships with “best of breed” manufacturers of solar modules, inverters, controllers, batteries and accessories to provide a comprehensive solution no matter what the application.

Our products are utilised across a number of markets in domestic and remote power, recreational use and varied industrial applications. The RFI team is the most experienced in the business with well over 200 combined years working in the solar power industry.

So, if you’re looking for the logical partner for your solar electricity needs look no further than RFI.

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