Century Yuasa Enersun SSR700-6 6V 700Ah (C100) Wet Battery


Enersun Solar Energy Batteries are specifically designed to deliver DC power for Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS) in the harsh Australian environment.

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SSR700-6 Features:

The Enersun battery range has been manufactured and sold in Australia since 1991. Incorporated into a robust powder coated steel tray, the SSR is the staple for many designers of cyclic power systems in remote applications. The product allows for high acceptance of charge and has a large ‘top-of-plate’ electrolyte reservoir which reduces the affect of temperature as well as minimising maintenance requirements.
Brand Century Yuasa
Type Flooded
Voltage 6
Rated Temperature 25 °C
Capacity @ C100 (Ah) 700
Number Cycles @ 50% DOD 2050
Number Cycles @ 80% DOD 1400
Weight 109.00
Dimension (mm) LxWxD 455x185x645
Warranty 3 years perfomance warranty

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