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Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

SMASBS 2.5 VL-10

Battery inverter for high voltage batteries such as Tesla Powerwall

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With the Sunny Boy Storage, customers benefit from greatly reduced system and installation costs for SMA Flexible Storage. Thanks to AC coupling and weighing only 9kg, the battery inverter can be installed in any location, at any time and is suited to both new or existing solar systems. An advantage of the solution for the installer is the low component count for an install (inverter, energy meter, battery), and the ability to offer the solution to any customer without taking on liability for an existing solar installation. The Sunny Boy Storage is also designed to connect with new high-voltage battery technology. With WiFi, monitoring and intelligent battery management already integrated and a new 5 + 5 year warranty offering, the Sunny Boy Storage is the ideal choice for putting more sun into a home’s electricity supply.


o AC-coupled solution allowing storage to be added anywhere in the site, for existing and new PV systems
o Built-in WiFi for fast, simple connection to Sunny Portal
o Add storage to existing solar systems, without taking liability for the PV system
o Simplest solution for adding storage with only 3 components (Inverter, Energy Meter, Battery)
o New warranty offering from SMA with 5 + 5 years
o High efficiency transformerless inverter, up to 97% efficient, weighing only 9kg
o Fast, simple, 1-person commissioning using a smartphone
o Charge the battery from the grid during off-peak tariff by adding the Sunny Home Manager

Model Number on CEC List SBS2.5-1VL-10
Nominal battery voltage (DCV) 360V
IP Rating IP65
Weight 9.20
Dimensions mm 450x357x122
Warranty 5 years

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