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Solar Connectivity Solution

Solar Connectivity Solution

RFI's 4G SIM & MODEM BUNDLE PACKS powered by Vodafone 

For solar inverter connections in locations where Wi-Fi is not available and hard-line ethernet connectivity is not a feasible option, RFI's Solar Connectivity Solution combines the MA-2055 modem with a LTE SIM. Providing the complete out of the box access to Vodafone and Optus 3G and 4G networks. 

Typically, you would need to purchase the modem and SIM card separately. RFI’s 4G Sim & Modem Bundles allow for a simple and easy install method, to ensure your client has immediate internet access to their solar monitoring portal. With configuration completed in the box, the modem can be taken out, plugged in and have you online and ready to connect in minutes.  

Ideal solution for:  

  • Commercial or industrial sites (eg schools, universities, building strata etc)  
  • Offgrid remote sites where it is impractical to get internet connectivity any other way 




Quick and easy to install  

With a pre-commissioned SIM card and pre-configured modem, you and your client will be online within minutes. 


Independent and robust  

The Sim & modem bundle can be installed on sites without interference or interaction to the LAN on site. Ideal for sites where the existing LAN has access restrictions. 


Secure connection offering 

Providing access to the websites clients need to run their solar monitoring system. Allowing the system to be locked down and safe from unauthorised use.  


4G ready 

Our partnership with TPG Telecom Limited has provided 4G ready SIMs. This ensures that you and your client will be online through the 3G shutdown, meaning no swap outs and no hassles. Simple. 




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