SW inverter/charger 4000WAC 48VDC


Inverter/charger 4.0kW 48VDC

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Conext SW is a pure sine wave, inverter/charger system.
Available with DC switchgear panels, display control panel, remote monitoring and automated generator control modules.
Stacking Conext SW units will double the power and coupled with XW-MPPT solar charge controllers allows for the integration of solar capacity as required.

Schneider technical note 11 April 2016:
It has recently come to our attention that Conext SW units operating in a “Stacking” arrangement is
problematic and does not result in reliable operation. This is particularly evident when operating with
inductive and capacitive loads.
A “Stacking” arrangement is when two SW inverter chargers operate on the same phase with a
common load, and share a common battery bank.
Therefore it is our strong recommendation that “Stacking” of SW inverter chargers should not be used
for any application and until we advise further.
Input Voltage 48VDC
Battery voltage (range) 24-64VDC
Max. battery charging current 45A
Max. efficiency (typical) 90%
Consumption with no load (stand by) <11W
Protection Rating IP20
Ambient Temp. Range -20°C to +60°C
Weight 28.10
WxHxD (mm) 418x341x197
Nominal DC Output (V) 48VDC
Continuous Power 3800W
½ hour rating 4400W
Output waveform Sine Wave
Output Voltage 230VAC

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