SolarEdge 10KW 3PH Inverter


The SolarEdge PV inverter combines a sophisticated, cutting-edge digital control technology and a one stage, ultra-efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior performance

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Commercial Product Benefits

-No high VDC during installation or maintenance
-Power optimisers and DC cables automatically de-energize when inverter is disconnected or grid power is shut down
-Remote monitoring instead of on-site diagnostics means less work at dangerous heights
-Includes rapid shutdown functionality in accordance with NEC 690.12 (1) through (4)
-Better suited for future insurance requirements

P600 - P800 2-to-1 Power Optimiser Configuration
Module-level MPPT – no mismatch power losses
Compatible with SolarEdge inverters SE15K and larger
SafeDC™ – automatic module-level safety shutdown
Cloud-based Monitoring Platform
Full visibility of system performance
Access via browser or any Android, iOS
smartphone or tablet
Automatic performance and alert reports
New commercial range up to 100kW
Inverters can come pre-wired and their increased power rating means less AC connections
They work independently from one another, limiting downtime to the effected hardware and simplifying serviceability and maintenance
Are lower cost compared to traditional inverters
As well as simple and reliable
Inverters >27.6kVA expected to be available in Q1 2018
15kVA – 33.3kVA Inverter

Lower cost compared to traditional inverters
High efficiency
Simple and reliable
Firefighter Gateway
Can be added to the PV system to provide centralized
safety management
Gives real-time indication of the system’s DC voltage
Smart Energy Management
Increasing self-consumption by export limitation and consumption-monitoring
Environmental Sensors
Connection of environmental sensors for advanced site monitoring to calculate site performance ratio and environmental conditions.
Brand Solar Edge
Recommended maximum PV power (Wp) 10000
Maximum DC voltage (VDC) 11000
Maximum input current per string (A) 16.5
Peak AC power (W) 10000
Maximum efficiency (%) 98%
Weight (kg) 33
Size (mm) WxHxD 540 x 315 x 260
Ambient temperature -20 to +60
Model Number on CEC List SE10K

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