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Communications & Monitoring

Communications & Monitoring

SolarEdge Communications & Metering

The SolarEdge platform supports an extensive range of communications and monitoring options to suit all applications.

All data is reported back to the SolarEdge Monitoring Portal for remote viewing, control and diagnostics to provide an incredibly versatile user experience, both for system owners and installers.


Cellular Plug Ins and Data Plans

The cellular plug-in provides independant wireless communication between the inverter and the SolarEdge monitoring platform. The cellular plug-in can be installed inside the SolarEdge inverter and connected to an external antenna, simplifying the communication setup and saving installation time.

Models Description
SE-SE1000-CELL03-B-G GSM Kit for SetApp Inverters (Telstra)
SE-SE1000-GSM02-B GSM Kit for SetApp Inverters (Optus/Vodafone) 
SE-1PH-CELL03 GSM Kit for Screen HD Wave (screen) Inverters (Telstra)
SE-1PH-GSM-HD * GSM Kit for Screen HD Wave (screen) Inverters (Optus/Vodafone) 
SE-3PH-GSM-K3 GSM Kit for Screen 3phase (screen) Inverters (Optus/Vodafone)
SE-SIM-R12-AU-S1 12year Data Plan for Residential Applications
SE-SIM-R12-AU-S2 12year Data Plan for StorEdge Applications


WiFi Plug Ins

The Wi-Fi plug-in enables wireless communication between the SolarEdge inverter and any Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi plug-in is installed in the inverter, saving the time and cost associated with installing an Ethernet connection. 

Models Description
SE-ANT-ZBWIFI-KIT Antenna for ZigBee or WiFi on SetApp Inverters 
SE-SE1000-WIFI01 WiFi Retrofit Kit for Screen Inverters


Energy Metering

The energy meter is used for production, consumption or import/export monitoring, and for export limitation. The meter has high accuracy readings, and supports both residential and commercial installations via a wide range of Current Transformers.

Models Description
SE-MTR-3Y-400V-A Modbus Energy Meter
SE-SE1000-S0IF01 S0 Meter Adaptor Cable
SE-SE-ACT-0750-250 250A Split Core CT, 1% Accuracy
SE-CTS-2000-1000 1000A Split Core CT


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental sensors are used to monitor a site’s irradiance, temperature, and wind velocity, and to calculate site performance ratio (PR). The sensors connect to the Commercial Gateway and the measurements are displayed in the monitoring platform. Up to three sensors can be connected to a single Commercial Gateway. Additional sensors can be installed using multiple gateways. 

Models Description
SE-SEN-IRR-S1 Irradiance Sensor
SE-SEN-TAMB-S2 Ambient Temperature Sensor
SE-SEN-TMOD-S2 Module Temperature Sensor
SE-SEN-WIND-S1 Wind Speed Sensor


Additional Communications Options and Accessories

The RS485 plug-in (SE-SE1000-RS485-IF) provides an additional RS485 port for enhanced communications. The 3-pin RS485 terminal block is installed on the communication board, and allows connecting multiple inverters and other devices without a commercial gateway.

The Commercial Gateway (SE-SE1000-CCG) is an all-in-one communication gateway, expanding the SolarEdge system’s monitoring and control capabilities. It connects to SolarEdge inverters, environmental sensors, and meters, and transfers monitoring data to the SolarEdge monitoring platform and optionally, to a third-party data logger. The commercial gateway also has a power reduction interface that can control the SolarEdge inverters' power.

The Firefighter Gateway (SE-SE1000-FFG) provides centralised safety management of SolarEdge systems. Firefighters can immediately stop production of a SolarEdge PV system, either manually through an emergency stop button or automatically through a fire alarm control panel system.  This reduces string voltage to a safe voltage using the unique SafeDC™ feature.

The surge protection plug-in (SE-R485-SPD2-K1 or SE-RS485-SPD2-B-K1) are designed to protect the inverter's RS485 transceiver in cases where surge events might occur. The small and inexpensive device is compatible with all SolarEdge three phase inverters. The surge protection plug-in is a Class II SPD and designed according to UL497B / IEC 61643-21.

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