Health Safety and Environment Policy

RF Industries is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, contractors and visitors. We undertake our activities in a manner that strives to minimise adverse impact on the environment and will establish objectives and targets aimed at continual improvements in reducing our environmental impacts and prevention of pollution.

We will establish objectives and targets to ensure continual improvements in our OHS and Environmental performance. Elimination of work related injury and illness is a priority for our management team. Resources will be made available to enable management and staff to comply with relevant OH&S and Environmental legislation including Australian and international standards, codes of practice and other requirements as well as customer requests.

We will consult with employees on OHS issues, including any changes to work practices, procedures or before the introduction of new plant and equipment. Employees are expected to fulfil their obligations with respect to OHS legislation by fully participating in company safety programs, reporting injuries and incidents and following all safety directions, regulations and procedures.

Every employee, regardless of their position, has the authority to take action to reduce the immediate risk of injury or illness in their work area. We promote awareness of our policy throughout the organisation. Our HS&E targets and objectives will be reviewed on a regular basis by senior management in consultation with employees.



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